Not Exactly An Update

I’ve been doing a little thinking lately about creative stuff. Most of my creativity has been limited to writing this blog every week, which I enjoy, but I want to do more.

In the past I have not only written a blog but I have written for performance, too, both for stand up comedy and music. As much as I miss comedy, I wouldn’t go back to it now. Not necessarily due to the current social environment, but the time and commitment level involved would take me away from the family too much. Also, this blog is often an excuse for silliness on my part so that serves as an outlet.

As far as music goes, let’s face it, an unknown middle aged guy has few options as far as original material goes, but I am working on a new approach which I hope to be able to share by year’s end. My goal is to be at least as awesome as The Shaggs. More information soon…ish. Maybe.

Ooh, also, on the music front, I have been talking with my brother about a possible music based podcast. I have been a guest on his podcast before, and it’s gone pretty well. We need to actually sit down and hammer out the details but it’s something we both are keen to do. So that might be coming up too. If you’re curious you can check out his podcast by clicking the link below.

Anyway, that brings me back to the blog. I like having the freedom to write about whatever I want, but I have been thinking of perhaps focusing in a little more. It seems as though the posts that generate the most interest (and traffic) are the ones about movies. So I’m thinking that maybe I should do a movie blog?

But then, what shape would that take? Do I just refocus this current blog (“Movie MonDAVEs”?) or should I start a new one? Should I focus on one particular type of movie? Should I stick to family friendly fare? People seem to like it when my daughter Tessa shows up, should she be a constant? That would be “Daddy-Daughter Movie MonDAVEs” which is a mouthful.

Then again, maybe the whole thing would be better as a You Tube channel. Of course, then I’m getting into more time and money commitments again. Is live streaming it on Twitch easier? I don’t know.

So, as you can see, the wheels are turnin’. This might wind up being a big year. Clearly nothing is set in stone yet as all of this could still fall apart, but there are some fun possibilities. Stay tuned for updates when and if they appear. See you next week.

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