MonDAVEs Salutes The Winter Olympics

Well, last week I stated that I would be back with more Olympic stuff. Since I am a man of my word I now present “Ten Haikus About The Winter Olympics.” You’re welcome.

He flies on his board,
twisting, flipping and soaring,
then lands on his face.

The best of the best
do not always get the gold.
Sometimes it’s just luck.

I thought Monobob
was an album by Dylan.
Turns out it’s a sport.

Mickaela Shiffrin
is America’s Sweetheart.
Take that, Taylor Swift

Russia is doping
little girls to win the gold
which can’t be worth it

I haven’t felt too
patriotic lately but

then BAM Olympics

Skating on ice is
a beautiful thing but that
Johnny Weir makes it

Skiing and shooting.
How do these things relate and
why is it a sport?

Man, I love curling!
That’s it, just wanted to say
that I love curling

Four years from now
I will watch this again but
Maybe not write poems

Enjoy the rest of the games. See you next week for more MonDAVEs.

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