Dance Dad

This was a big week here at the Brink household, it was Dance Recital Week. Which is preceded, of course by Dress Rehearsal Week. There were five nights of recitals, and not a one went by that didn’t have one of my girls in it. Between both girls, there were thirteen performances. That’s a lot of dancing, and it makes for a hectic time.

That’s okay though. Both of my daughters, Tessa and Melody, have been in dance for several years now, but over the past year or so it has gotten quite a bit more serious. I am enjoying their enjoyment, and all the hours of practice and hard work really paid off. Tessa especially is loving it all, and she is fast becoming a real dancer. I mean an honest to goodness, big time DANCER.

Which makes me a Dance Dad. It’s like a Soccer Mom, but usually with less hair.

I enjoy my role and am proud to be a Dance Dad. It doesn’t hurt that there is also a Dance Mom in the house, but we’re on me right now.

The following is a small list I have compiled about what Dance Dads do and who they are, in tribute to my fellow Dance Dads everywhere. This totally belongs on a t-shirt.


-Write the check and worry about it later.
-Know both the quickest and most fuel efficient way to get to the dance studio.
-Aren’t okay with all the costumes.
-Enjoy watching all the different forms of dance. Even ballet.
-Learn the terminology. Arabesque, jete, shuffle ball change, we know ’em all.
-Tailgate at competitions.
-Can spot a really good dancer from an early age-like a major league scout but, y’know, for dance.
-Love it when their daughters dance to “Dad Rock” classics…and cringe at the crappy cover versions.
-Prefer buns, sequins, and Pointe shoes to helmets, uniforms, and cleats. Mostly.
-Routinely make jokes about things being “en Pointe”.
-Get to sit inside a pleasant auditorium while Sports Dads either sweat or freeze to death outside. Dance Dads for the win.
-Love their dancers with all their hearts and wouldn’t change a thing.

Here’s to you, Dance Dads!

Now for everyone else. If you are a dad, a mom, an uncle, aunt, grandparent, godparent, teacher, whatever, support the young people in your life and whatever their dreams may be. It will do you both some good.

See you next week.

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