I’m A Breakthrough

I have COVID-19.

It has been making its way through our house for a few weeks now, but as careful as we have been with isolation and cleaning I was hoping to keep the virus at bay. No such luck.

My family has been super careful through the whole pandemic. We are vigilant mask wearers. Those of us old enough to do so have been vaccinated. We have followed every CDC guideline to the best of our ability, especially with the Delta variant being what it is. Yet COVID still struck our home. Which proves two things.

Number one, Murphy’s Law is still in effect and quite possibly the only natural law in existence that will always be accurate.

Number two, and this is the important one: The vaccine works.

We have been told all along that it is still possible to be infected with COVID after vaccination. Yes, you can still get it, and I did. However, the vaccine has given my body a guidebook on how to fight this virus off, and will most likely keep me from getting sick enough to go to the hospital and have a tube shoved down my throat. Not sure about you, but I’ll take feeling crappy for a week over a hospital visit any day.

The first person in the house to come down with the disease was our youngest daughter. The one who is too young to vaccinate. I’m not saying that one of us vaccinated folk didn’t expose her, but she caught the virus quickly and in turn the rest of us followed suit. Except one, but I’ll get to him in a minute. The question though, is would it have made a difference if she was vaccinated too? Would her system have fought it off and none of us be affected? I don’t know. Perhaps we’d all be asymptomatic, which would still be bad news for those around us, but we might not have all gotten sick. Something to think on.

If you’re wondering about the symptoms, they have been a little different for each of us so I will speak for just myself. I have mostly felt like I’ve had a really, really, reeeeaaalllyy bad cold. I’ve had a nasty cough, full sinuses, headaches, chills, general achiness, exhaustion and shortness of breath. I’ve felt sick since Thursday morning, but it hit the worst Saturday afternoon into Sunday, which I mostly slept through. Today I feel slightly better but it comes in waves. I’m actually getting kind of tired writing this. Sorry if it’s a little disjointed.

So I will be under quarantine through Sunday, and I expect to need a few more days before I feel 100% again. I am isolating in the house as much as possible, since my son never got this thing. He has remained isolated himself in the basement for the better part of two weeks, but that’s where we keep the video games so, it could be worse.

Okay, that’s the update. Mask up, get vaccinated, and try to be good to one another ’til I see you again, yeah? In other words: Love Thy Neighbor.

Oh, and please don’t come back at me with any arguments about this stuff. I don’t need to hear it right now, okay? I need to heal. Don’t be that guy. Or gal. Just don’t.

P.S.-Just for fun, here’s my “GOT ME THE COVIDS” playlist:

1.Doctor, Doctor-U.F.O.

2. Fever- Peggy Lee

3. Breakthru-Queen

4. Delta Dawn-Tammy Wynette

5. All By Myself-Eric Carmen

6. Remedy-The Black Crowes

7. Healing Hands-Elton John

8. It’s Not Over (Til It’s Over)-Lenny Kravitz

9. Getting Better-The Beatles

There should be ten, but my brain is all foggy.

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