Filling Up My Noggin

I read a snarky little meme on the internet that implied, nay, accused men over thirty (specifically husbands) of hopping from one obsession to another. It seems as though the author of this inflammatory hit piece thinks that we find some new hobby or interest, spend a bunch of money on said thing, or fill our heads with minutiae details and move on to something else within a matter of months.

Well, as a self respecting, married, American male over the age of thirty I am here to say:

Balderdash. Hogwash. Poppycock. Absolutely, positively, uh-uh.

We do not just ping-pong from obsession to obsession. We merely expand our minds, learn about the world at large and invest in the betterment of ourselves and those around us.

Well, that’s what we tell ourselves anyway. Sounds good though, right?

To be honest, I am pretty darn guilty of this obsessive behavior. The following is a list of obsessions I have spent lots of time and or money on within the past year.

Pellet grills. Small dog breeds. The resurgence of “Traditional Heavy Metal” music throughout Europe. Watch battery replacement and small repair (okay, that was for work but still.) Family sized SUVs. Box turtles. Coronavirus safety (duh). Home made musical instruments. The theory of de-evolution. Western movies. The history and cast members of “Hee Haw”. Natural grooming products for men that actually work and smell all manly and rugged like. Narrowboat culture in Britain. Probably something else I’ve forgotten about but will remember after I hit publish.

Sure, some of these are fleeting interests, but many will remain. At least in part. Enough to sound interesting at parties in any case.

Granted, a few of these were brought on by the pandemic, but mostly it’s just my own natural curiosity. Some of these items relate to established interests, some are pretty new. Yet they all keep me thinking, learning, and help me feel connected to society at large.

Especially “Hee Haw”.

I guess the point here is that we all know a few men who really only know thoroughly one or two subjects at best. Usually it’s the field they work in, and sports. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but I’d much rather fill my head with a great many facts and tidbits about all sorts of things. It’s what keeps life interesting. It’s also what enables me to write this blog about a different topic each week!

Stay curious, friends. See you next time.

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