World Poetry Day (A Tribute)

March 21st is World Poetry Day. Or it was, depending on when you read this. The following is my tribute.


This first poem is one I learned as a child.

“Little Birdie”

Little birdie in the sky,
Why’d you do that in my eye?
Little birdie in the sky,
Gee, I’m glad that cows don’t fly.

-My Dad taught me that years ago. It was probably an old schoolyard or summer camp poem. I’m sure he didn’t write it. He taught it to me though, and I remembered it. Explains a lot, methinks.

This next poem I wrote one day while talking about poetry with my kids, it is simply titled:


Poems are wonderful,
Poems are good,
Not all poems rhyme,
But I really think they ought to.


In this section, I will try give my interpretations of well known poems by rewriting them, based not on their structure, or famous lines, or even my opinions of the poems or their authors. I will endeavor to create all new works based on the existing titles. Here we go.

“Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening”

Wow, it’s cold. And there’s lots of snow.
Why do I stay here? I don’t know.
Why stay and watch the snowy sky
When home is waiting, warm and dry?
Of one thing there can be no doubt,
This is stupid. I’m getting out!

“Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day?


“The Road Not Taken”

The road not taken
Is usually avoided
By people who know
How horror movies start.

“I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud”

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
Me, without a care in the world.
Then people started filling me
with ideas, and numbers and
opinions and orders and their own
expectations and rules and and
they just kept filling and filling
until I had no room for more
but they just kept loading me up
and I just took it and took it
’til I finally exploded!
I just spewed it all back out man,
all the information and the
numbers and the secrets I just
puked it back out into the sky
where anyone can look at it
if they speak in ones and zeroes.

“From Mother To Son”

Dear Son,
I am at Aunt Patty’s.
Dinner is in the fridge.
Be back late.
Feed the dog, and
clean up your room, willya?

“O Captain! My Captain!”

O Captain! My Captain!
The wars have begun!
We’re under attack
By crazed Romulans!
Supplies are low,
And support is scant,
Spock’s trying to help
But he sure as Vul-can’t
Stop the fighting like you could
So come to the bridge now
Please Cap, if you would.

O Captain! My Captain!
Out on the holodeck,
There’s a green, nasty alien,
(Looks a little like Shrek)
He’s out of control,
His sanity’s gone
This guy makes me wish
We were dealing with Kaaaaaahhhhhnnnnn!
He says he seeks vengeance-
He’s demanding your life!
Says it’s something to do
With you and his…wife?

O Captain! My Captain!
Five more crew are dead!
Those guys with the shirts
That were colored in red.
I can’t take anymore!
This world’s way too scary,
What with Tribbles and Borgs-
I blame you, Roddenberry!
Now we’re biding our time
‘Til the Klingons come nuke us.
O why o why didn’t I sign on with Lucas?

Okay, that’s the end. Be sure to read the real poems for some actual culture, it will do you some good. Google ’em. Anyway, thanks for reading, and indulging my silliness. See you next week!

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