MonDAVEs-The Rejects

As previously stated, the theme of this blog (if there is one) is connection. Sometimes I try to accomplish this by sharing bits of my personal life and the inner workings of my brain in the hopes that others may see a little bit of themselves in what I write. This is my small attempt at unity. If we can see ourselves in others, and vice versa, maybe we won’t feel so alone in our thoughts and feelings, thereby bringing us closer together one little piece at a time.

More often though, I just try to entertain. Bringing a smile to someone’s day is just as important to me as pretty much anything else I can do. As a result, I try to come up with different topics, and sometimes they get pretty silly. I usually try to go with something that’s got a little bit of thought behind it, but I have to go through a lot of really weird and, dare I say, stupid ideas to get to one good one.

The following is a small sample of those rejected ideas.

  1. “Animals I Could Do Without”
    -Rejected because it would probably alienate too many animal lovers.
  2. “Euphemisms And Why They Matter”
    -To be followed by a sister post on acronyms. Rejected for being too word-geeky.
  3. “Name That Tune: The Written Version”
    -Try to name this one: “Doo doo doo doo doo doo, doo doot doot’n doo doo doot doo”. Just like a full post of that. Rejected because it’s only funny one time.
  4. “Here’s A Bunch Of Smells I Like”
    -Honestly, I might still do this one.
  5. “That Time I Drank Way Too Much And threw Up In A Stranger’s Car”
    -One of my best stories, actually, but much better told than written.
  6. “Squares. Why?”
    -Rejected for being too academic.
  7. “Everything Is 90% B.S.”
    -Basically true, and quite liberating once you understand it. Rejected for potentially being a little too dark.
  8. “Shakespeare Vs. Dickens: Whose Audiobooks Bring Better Sleep?”
    -Rejected for being too difficult to research. I kept dozing off.
  9. “Life Was Better Before The Internet”
    -Rejected because I couldn’t get past the irony/dichotomy/stupidity/whatever of posting this topic ON MY BLOG. It was also kind of grouchy old man-ish. “Back in my day…”
  10. “I’m Sick Of Outer Space”
    -Rejected because it was more frustrated rant than funny piece. Plus, nobody cares.

Well, there you have it, a look into the creative process that brings you topics for MonDaves. I have a very weird noggin. Apologies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to think up some stuff for next week. See you then!

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