Halloween Verse Part 2

Last week I shares a poem from my as yet unpublished and still very much work-in-progress collection of Halloween type poems for kids/Tweens. Here’s another one. This one’s slightly spooky, but not really scary.

I’m saving the scary stuff for another time.

Anyway, I hope you like it. I’ll be back to my old self again next week. Until then, happy Halloween.


At night I hear the voices
In the trees, or in my dreams?
It doesn’t really matter
I hear them just the same.

They start off soft and lowly
And get louder through the night
They’re calling out my name.

What could it be that they want
And why are they calling me?
These questions they keep haunting
Their answers I must know.

There’s only one solution
One ending to this story
I don’t know what awaits me
But know that I must go.

-David Brink 2021

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