MonDAVE on a Saturday? Must Be A Marvel Movie Review!!!

As is a surprise to absolutely no one who reads this blog, today my daughter Tessa and I went to see the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings”. Following is our official review. Light spoilers may follow, but not anything that will ruin the movie for you.

For those who may not be familiar, our rating systems are as follows: 1 to 5 Daves for me (1 being the worst), and 1 to 5 Y’s for Tessa’s review. Y of course standing for “Yaaasss”!

Tessa: 4.5 Y’s

I really liked this movie! I didn’t really know what the plot of this movie was going into it, just what I had gathered from the trailers, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really love the two main characters, Shang-Chi and Katy, they were a perfect best friend duo and Katy is definitely one of my new favorite MCU characters. There was some breathtaking cinematography and lore, and I’m super excited to see how they relate this to Doctor Strange and the MCU as a whole.

There was some amazing female empowerment and I feel like they really treated the female characters as people that can add to story and not just side characters, something that Marvel has always been good at. There were tons of little things that I enjoyed, like how the characters’ hair doesn’t always look perfect, and how they frequently speak in Mandarin. There’s tons of Asian representation, which I love. And seeing callbacks to old characters from more looked over movies in the universe was really fun, because I got to point at the screen and go ‘I know them!” like Thor does with Hulk in Ragnarok. The little details are another thing that adds to the movie’s awesomeness.

As soon as this gets on Disney+ it will be my new comfort movie, and I can’t wait to see future appearances by these characters in the MCU.

Dave: 5 Daves

I too came into this movie not knowing much about what I was about to see. If anything my expectations were a little low. I was expecting an entertaining action movie with a martial arts twist on the super hero origin story, and for the first half hour or so that’s what I got. That would have been satisfying enough, but as the movie unfolded it became so much more.

While this movie does expand on the “ten rings” mythology explored in Iron Man 2, it does so in a completely unexpected and interesting way. At its heart this movie is about family and the love that can exist even in the most dysfunctional ones (much like Black Widow, now that I think of it). It also shows human vulnerable sides of what could have been the film’s pure evil villain which is always a nice path to take. The action sequences are all well done and when the film blows up into pure fantasy, it does so in a way that is purely breathtaking. Add in a little bit of humor and appearances by a few old characters and we have the perfect, REAL kick off to phase four of the MCU.

I went in fearing I might be underwhelmed but instead was treated to one of the very best movies in the Marvel canon. Go see it. In the theater. It really is that good!

Thanks for reading. Back on Monday with more stuff.

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