MonDAVE on FRIDAVE-Special Black Widow Edition

So, no surprise, my daughter Tessa and I just got back from seeing Marvel’s “Black Widow” on opening night. Would you expect anything less? So, naturally here is our quick teenager and middle aged MCU geek review/first impressions of the film. Rating system will be the same as our previous Marvel posts, 1-5 Daves, and 1-5 Y’s (or Yaaaas!) MINOR SPOILERS await-tread carefully.

“Black Widow” is set sometime between “Captain America: Civil War” and “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Tessa- I give this movie 5/5 Y’s!

It is definitely one of my favorite MCU movies now! The fight scenes are choreographed incredibly well, and it was very interesting to see elaboration on the Red Room. Yelena is definitely my favorite character in this movie, and Alexei was also a good character. I was kind of upset that he didn’t play a bigger role, since all the advertising made it seem like he would be a very important character, and then he wasn’t. He was kind of unlikeable when we first met him, which wasn’t a good first impression, especially since he didn’t have much of a redemption arc. He was mostly just comic relief.

Same thing with the Taskmaster. She was a looming threat throughout the first half, but once her identity was revealed her power ceased. But her identity was an important thing in Nat’s journey. And the cutscene left me speechless. I definitely want to see more of Nat’s family (especially Yelena) in the future.

And can I just say, I absolutely hate Dreykov. He’s sexist, a terrible person, and he doesn’t know the meaning of personal space. It’s important to have villains that are dislikeable, because it adds to the movie as a whole.

Dave- I rate this movie 4.5/5 Daves. Lots of special effects, exciting fight scenes, shadow governments a few surprises and a look at “family” relationships. What’s not to like?

As expected, we get quite a lot of Natasha’s backstory here, and yes, it does fill in some gaps and further explain what we already knew, but it also shows a little bit more of her private life as a young girl than I thought it would. Some may feel that it’s too little too late-and I went into this film thinking that may be the case as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself fully engaged with the characters, both old and new.

To me, this felt like Marvel’s version of a Bond film (minus all the love scenes), or maybe the Bourne franchise. So it does feel more like a spy movie than your standard super hero movie, but that is a welcome change. It is probably the most violent of all the Marvel films thus far, but when your main character is an assassin what do you expect? There is still quite a bit of humor in the film, though not as much as one may be used to from the Marvel machine.

And Tessa’s right, that after credits cutscene is a really good one (she totally cried!). And was it just me or was there a throwaway Alexi line that hinted at a multiverse or alternate timeline? Maybe I’m overthinking that one…hmmm…

Anyway, we both highly recommend this film. See it in the theater if you can-it was awesome on the big screen.

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