HOLY COW!!! What A Post!

Sometimes it’s hard to think of a topic for these posts. So here are some random cow facts*. Pay attention towards the end. The last few are quite important, actually.

-Cows can see in color, and can see almost 360 degrees. But they can’t see all that well in front of them. That’s why they turn sideways to look at you.

-The first cow arrived in the U.S. in 1611 in Jamestown.

-A cow can drink up to 50 gallons of water a day. An average bathtub holds 30-50 gallons.

-A cow will stand up and lay down about 14 times a day. They can also sleep standing up.

-90% of the world’s milk supply comes from dairy cows.

-A female cow is called a heifer, until she has a calf. Then she is called a cow. A cow must have a calf before she can produce milk. I am not sure how almonds produce milk but apparently that’s a thing too.

-There are about 98 million cows in the U.S.

-Cows are vegetarians. EXCEPT:

-Some cows will eat meat. Though rare, cows have been known to eat baby chicks and other birds, farmhouse kittens, mice and rats. They will also eat insects while chewing on grass. Too much meat can lead to it rotting inside the cow’s guts while being digested. It is thought this is a contributor to “mad cow” disease.

-ALSO, it has been reported , by TIME magazine, no less, that dairymen on the Didsbury Jersey farms in Alberta claimed that an all meat diet caused one of their cows to produce almost pure cream.

And finally…

-Cows are responsible for the deaths of approximately 20 people per year. Sharks kill roughly 5 people per year.

And yet, nobody talks about it. These 1600 lb. killing machines are virtually ignored when it comes to dangerous animals. Where’s the respect? We have no horror movies like “Night Of The Cow” or “Open Field” (in which two peolpe are trapped in a field overnight with cows circling them).

The shark also overshadows the cow on cable tv. I would so watch “Cow Week.” Beware the cows, people!!!!

Like I said, sometimes it’s hard to think of a topic for these posts.

*Facts verified by a Google search I did like 25 minutes ago.

Sources included clovermeadowsbeef.com, beef2live.com, farmhouseguide.com, treehugger.com, and bbc.co.uk.

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