Can You See The Real ME?

I have been told that I am a difficult person to get to know. Many people just don’t know how to take me. I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a tortilla shell with cheese sauce and…sorry. I’m kinda hungry. For burritos.

Anyway, in the spirit of transparency, goodwill, and the desire to truly connect with others I present the following list about my true personality. The unvarnished truth about the real, authentic, David Brink.

According to the results of Buzzfeed quizzes.

  1. I am a Gryffindor.
  2. I am a combo of Shuri, Groot, and Spiderman.
  3. My most polarizing personality trait is my assertiveness.
  4. The people I hate most are “wannabes” (although that song still slaps).
  5. I should be a doctor or a nurse.
  6. My personality type is the architect (according to my food preferences).
  7. I am an introvert (also according to food).
  8. I am more emotional than logical (according to my McDonald’s preferences).
  9. People love me for my dependability.
  10. I am Princess Belle.
  11. I am an IHOP.
  12. I am 100% marriage material.
  13. I am emotionally smart. Whatever that means.
  14. I am personable and outgoing. You know, for an introvert (see #7).
  15. My actual age is 18, and my emotional age is 65.
  16. I am a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.
  17. I am Princess Tiana (which is odd since I was Belle a few quizzes ago…).
  18. My dominant personality trait is curiosity.
  19. I am extremely sexy.
  20. I am more of a Starbuck’s person than a Dunkin person.
  21. I am a fast eater.
  22. My favorite carb is garlic bread.
  23. I truly belong in the 80’s.
  24. I am a creative genius (according to my preferred toppings for Froyo).
  25. I will marry and then divorce Jake Gyllenhaal.

Well, there you have it. I hope it was informative for you. I know it was for me. See you next week for more MonDAVEs.

P.S. There’s a lot of food stuff in this one. Total coincidence. Sorry. Also the title is a Who reference which is just fun for me.

P.P.S. I literally* sat and took those silly quizzes on Buzzfeed for two hours to come up with this list. That’s the kind of dedication I have to this blog and for you, my public. You’re welcome.

*real literally, not millennial literally.

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